10.1 Introduction

GO ONLINE *page 302* A beginner’s guide to building a data science team. You might also want to read Here’s why so many data scientists are leaving their jobs as it will give you an insight into what a data scientist thinks of his job. I particularly like the line "The data scientist likely came in to write smart machine learning algorithms" ... that - to me - sums up what they do. They produce data, they do not analyse it. Marketers analyse date, they don't produce it.

GO ONLINE *page 307* What are the essential components of a Customer Data Platform?

Using clickstream data to know your customer's entire online journey.

What Are Marketers’ Top Industry Concerns Heading Into 2018?

AdWords advertisers can use phone numbers & addresses for Google Customer Match targeting.

A brief introduction to second-party data.

Data doesn’t need to be big or creepy to shed light on consumer psychology is rather 'heavy' - but well worth the effort to read it. I particularly like that its author expresses that most collected data tells us what people did - not what they will/might do in the future.

What tech giants really do with your data.

I think it's likely that Customer Data Platforms are yet another popular fad - time will tell - but Understanding the "Data" in Customer Data Platforms is worth reading to get an idea of what kinds of data are gathered.

Treat data like a friend down the pub not an idol to pray to reflects my views on the subject.

Identifying users on different devices is important for marketers, so What is identity resolution?

The term 'augmented analytics' appeared just over a year ago with the prediction from some that is was the future of data and analytics. So, as I write this [in February 2019] is it the future - or just another fad? To find our what it is and how it works Augmented analytics: What you need to know for 2019 is a good place to start.

Data Managers Feel Overwhelmed by Abundance of Tools.

Is everything on the internet fake?

Your marketing dashboard is too full of s**t offers a wider perspective of the subject.


10.2 How analytics are presented and used

Maximising content-led organic traffic with free Google tools: A comprehensive guide.

Although Buying a pre-owned domain? Check these 10 things first is about checking the history of a domain name, I have included it here to show the range of analytics available and from where. Essentially, this research can be conducted on any domain name.

Emojis in email subject lines: smiley face, or smiley poop? is another example of how analytics can be used.

Measuring social traffic effectiveness when conversion is not the goal

Here are some more Google analytics from alancharlesworth.eu

Ignore the title of Tracking the ROI of organic search for B2B, this article will help you understand more about analytics.

I have included Using Google Analytics to Track On-site Promotions purely to give you an idea of what else is out there - and in this case, it's on Google Analytics.

Google My Business Insights adds branded search reporting.

Although Demystifying Google’s guide to clicks, impressions and position in Google Search Console is based on SEO, it is actually about SEO analytics.

Three Questions to Ask When Buying Data for Audience Segmentation.